About Us

We are a team of people passionately devoted to making quality parts, semi-finished and ready
products for different industries.

Since 2007, we have been in service for a number of customers from Ukraine and Europenian countries.
Guided by trust, we actively work at becoming authentic, open people, resulting in loyalty, creativity
and consistently high performance for our customers.

As of today we are 18 and we are open to all challenging projects that our customers can come up with.

You are much welcome to contact us with any production idea you might have.

Sincerely ,

CNI Team


Oleg Kozlov

All questions

Cell: +38 050 424 65 02

Email: oleg@cni-ukraine.com

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Igor Kozlov

All questions

Cell: +38 050 401 87 66

Email: igor@cni-ukraine.com

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Sergiy Grigorchuk

All questions

Cell: +38 050 444 91 91

Email: sergiy@cni-ukraine.com

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